About us

Our company deals with complex handling of (EUR and one-way) pallets.

Offering the highest price on the market we buy:

  • scrap pallets

  • repairable or waste pallets

  • oversized or undersized pallets.

We sell:

  • EUR and one-way pallets meeting the needs of our partners.

We produce:

  • Customized sizes of one-way pallets.

We repair:

  • one-way pallets

  • pallet extending frames

  • special pallets

  • gitterboxes


Other services include:

  • immediate quality replacement

  • rental

  • storage

of pallets.

buying, selling and rental of gitterboxes

handling, collecting and buying of wood waste;

collecting of non-hazardous waste

Upon request we deliver the products purchased from us, and also transport the ones bought by our company. 

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at the contact details below.


Best regards,


MTS Palette Kft.

Attila Mátis

Managing director

+36 30/9 606-174